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LivesInAsia, an insight into the Asian world, is an Asian society, culture, and travel blog.

We focus on doing extensive research on the Asian world and educate people about the same.

We create unique content about Asian culture and tradition, festivals and rituals, food, people, and the amazing places that you must visit once in a lifetime.

Join us! To explore the Asian world.


Founder & Author

founder-author-livesinasiaSangeeta Ghosh Paul

After finishing my MBA, I started my career with an American IT Company as an HR. Over exhausted with the corporate practices, I quit my job soon.

I was extremely demotivated to find another job, and started saying ‘NO’ to all interview calls. People started looking at me as if I was a failure, because what I left maybe was still a dream for many. I spent months inside four walls but decided not to thrive for external success; ‘Success, that is seen from outside but you die inside’.

 ‘Follow your passion!’ a very common phrase. I also heard this countless time, but never really did.

LIVESINASIA was created when I decided to follow my passion. 

Born in Asia, I was always passionate about reading, writing, knowing and exploring the Asian world, and I hold deep emotions about its history, culture, rituals and practices.

Thus, LIVESINASIA opens the door for me to travel through the Asian continent. While admiring its beauty, and enjoying great festivity, I gain deep insight into the amazing Asian world and love sharing my knowledge with my readers from any part of the world.

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Asia with abundant beauty is the world’s largest continent and most populous with diverse ethnic groups and various cultural practices.

The continent is full of intrigue, adventure, tranquillity, and spirituality that Asia has fixated travelers for centuries (also witnessed many invaders in the past).

Asia witnessed some of the world’s greatest civilizations such as the Indus Valley Civilization, Mesopotamian, Mongols, Sumerians, Chinese dynasty, Vedic and so on.

Asian lives were traditionally steeped in rituals and deep ancient practices. But today, the world’s most advanced cities with tech-savvy population like Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul are located in the Asian continent. Today’s Asia along with rich cultural heritages is also known for high-rising buildings and skyscrapers, high-tech cities and world-class infrastructure. Shanghai is one of the fastest growing economic hubs in the world and Hong Kong is among the costliest cities.

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