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5 Must See Christmas Celebrations in Asia

Christmas in Asia is a sight to behold. Many of the Asian countries dazzle during the Christmas month. With the onset of December, these cities start glowing with sparkling lights, and eye-catching Christmas decorations pop up. Visiting one of these exotic destinations during Christmas is like living a dream that you’d never want to wake...Read More

10 best winter festivals in Asia

Winter festivals in Asia, the largest continent of the world, are distinct and vibrant. Traveling in Asia during the frigid winter months gives you amazing and indelible experiences that will make you come back every winter to this beautiful and ravishing wonderland, Asia. Culturally diverse, the continent celebrates many unique and amusing winter fetes that’ll...Read More
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Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan, Asia

Sky Lantern Festival, an age-old custom of releasing sky lanterns is now one of the biggest festivals in Asia. During Lantern Festival, People from all over the world gather enthusiastically in Taiwan to experience the magical evening of Lantern Festival. On the fifteenth day of Chinese New Year, also the very first full moon night...Read More