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5 Must See Christmas Celebrations in Asia

Christmas in Asia is a sight to behold. Many of the Asian countries dazzle during the Christmas month. With the onset of December, these cities start glowing with sparkling lights, and eye-catching Christmas decorations pop up.

Visiting one of these exotic destinations during Christmas is like living a dream that you’d never want to wake up from!

Christmas in Asia is just wonderful!!

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Here’s a list of 5 must see Christmas celebrations from Asia that will give you a perfect Christmas feel!

Christmas in Singapore


A magical city gleams like a fantasy land and snow falling from skies; Singapore makes the most flawless Christmas Eve you ever hoped for.

Christianity isn’t the primary religion of Singapore, yet celebrated widely with full-on entertainment!

Joy is in the air! The long Orchard Road (Asia’s shopping paradise) is showered in Christmas lights, cheers of Christmas Noel, parties, concerts, lively crowds all dancing and singing, and exclusive shopping offers from the exotic shopping malls with amusements in the stores.

A visit to Singapore is a brilliant idea for you to rejoice in an outstanding Christmas this year!

Christmas in Seoul, South Korea

seoul-South KoreaImage: Ben Eng

Christmas is widely and beautifully celebrated in South Korean cities, especially, in the capital city of Seoul (as Christianity makes 30 percent of the country’s population).

Even so, regardless of religion, people in South Korea celebrate Christmas to cherish the ethos that festivity brings.

It’s a month-long festivity marked by exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, children singing Christmas carols and playing with Haraboji. (Santa Claus is popular as Haraboji or grandfather Santa in South Korea). He’s often seen in blue, instead of red.

The entire city is illumined. Illuminated bridges over the Han River look gorgeous. A sponge cake topped with soft cream is the food for the festival.

So make a perfect choice this season to celebrate Christmas in a city bathed in shining lights and festive Vibes everywhere!

The Philippines

philippinesImage: flickr

A 4 month long merry time Christmas is celebrated in the Philippines. No surprise! The country with more than 90 percent population of Roman Catholics has surely a great reason for celebrating Christmas for so long.

As early as September, Filipinos start decorating their houses and public places; streets are illuminated and playing of Christmas carols begins.

Christmas month is a special time! Brightly lit star lanterns are hanged everywhere in the city that remind of the arrival of baby Jesus!

Long Christmas parades boom through the cities, sprawling Christmas markets are filled with Christmas trees, gifts, cards, decorations, and don’t be surprised if Santa Claus comes to greet you.

People are up all night on Christmas Eve celebrating with family and friends. Food, music, and parties: the Philippines boast the longest Christmas in the world.

The celebration ends on the first Sunday of January.

So if you’re looking for a long Christmas vacation, no choice is better than making a trip to the Philippines.

Christmas in Tokyo, Japan


Christmas is slightly different in Japan. Rather than a religious fest, Christmas is more of an occasion to spread love and happiness in the air.

Christmas Eve is a time for couples to spend a romantic evening outside. A candlelight dinner, a walk together while gazing at Christmas lights and decorations, and exchanging gifts. In many ways, it’s like Valentine’s Day in the West.

Every small and big building is lighted; Christmas markets full of decorations, candies, cakes; towering Christmas trees; and Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, the piece of music famous around the Christmas season; everything is at one place!

Japan is the right choice for you if you intend to spend time with your beloved this Christmas.

Goa, India

India-christmas-asiaImage: Wikimedia

Christmas celebration in India’s beach city Goa is stunning! Around 25 percent population with Christianity, Goa gets ready with the Christmas Vibes beforehand.

Soaked in alluring lights and winsome decorations everywhere, the city turns into a big carnival.

Fragrant candles, homemade chocolates, people giving out gifts, the melody of Christmas carols, and colorful crackers in the night sky; Goa is an awesome place for you to celebrate your Christmas night!

Sea beaches offer high-spirited parties until dawn. Enthusiastic crowds and party lovers rock the dance floor all night.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking into a more traditional way of celebration, Goa has many old Churches where you can attend midnight masses. And listening to the ringing bells twelve at night coming through the Churches, gives you a heavenly and true feel of Christmas!

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