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Author / Sangeeta Ghosh Paul

Egyptian Market or Spice Bazaar. A must-see in Istanbul!

Egyptian Market or Spice Bazaar (Mısır Çarşısı) is one amongst Istanbul’s top-drawer attractions. Turkey’s largest and culturally vibrant city Istanbul that once was the capital of powerful dynasties like the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, with much historical importance, is home to many must-see places and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With millions of foreign visitors...Read More

Shah-i-Zinda in Central Asia. A jewel of Islamic Art from the medieval era

Samarkand in Uzbekistan, a city that’s famous for its elegantly designed mosques and mausolea and also possesses historical importance because of its location on the Silk Road (the ancient trade route that linked China to the Mediterranean), preserves a jewel of Islamic Art ‘Shah-i-Zinda’ from the medieval era. Shah-i-Zinda, an avenue of mosques and mausolea, is...Read More

7 must-see historical places in Asia

Asia, the land of civilizations, invites history-lovers with incredibly rich ancient-architectures, monuments, palaces, ruins of centuries-old dynasties, and battle-scarred heritages. Asia brims with countless such historical landmarks that are a must-see for you if stepping on old-sandstones and walking through the ancient walls and corridors make you go crazy! Click here to know more about...Read More

Khajuraho. A Gem of Indian Arts!

The Khajuraho Group of temples is amongst the greatest masterpieces of Indian art. Built between 950 CE and 1050 CE by the Chandela dynasty, this Indian heritage is famous for its nagara-style architecture, and erotic sculptures that are intricately carved on the temple walls. These wonderful artistic expressions portray life in its purest form. The...Read More