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5 traditional Eid al-Fitr dishes for a perfect Eid celebration!

Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan (the holy 9th month in the Islamic calendar). During Ramadan, Muslims across the world fast from dawn to dusk and do not eat or drink anything during the day-time.

After a month of this strong spiritual and behavioral practice, the day of celebration ‘Eid al-Fitr’ comes as ‘the feast of fast braking!’

On this occasion, people offer prayers to Allah, and later in the day, families and friends gather for a mega feast.

Even though, no festival is complete without delicious servings, think how rejoicing food can be when it is served after a month of fasting!

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Here are top 5 traditional Eid al-Fitr dishes that are so integral to the celebration




Eid and Biryani go hand in hand. A steaming hot plate of traditional Shahi Biryani is just perfect to make your Eid afternoon extra special. It has layers of meat cooked in saffron-milk infused rice in a dum style with additional aromatic spices and herbs.

People from different countries have different tastes for adding meat in their Biryanis. Although chicken is typical, you can easily see a wide range of meats used for Eid Biryani from lamb to goat.

Served hot with Raita, salad, and pickle on the side, Shahi Eid Biryani, not only in Asia, but is so famous in UK too.




Your Eid celebration is incomplete without feasting on this scrumptious delicacy Haleem. It’s a meaty lentil soup-like dish, next-to-none, if you’re hosting non-vegetarian guests at home.

The tender mutton pieces are slowly cooked in Urad and Chana dal, and mixed with loads of ghee and organic aromatic spices, then garnished with cashews and fried onions. It’s a popular staple for Iftar and Eid lunch.

A flavorsome treat that you would never want to miss!


Nalli Nihari


Nihari is an Arabic word. Mutton legs cooked in ghee with onions and a blend of soothing spices with deep fragrance of Kewra water, Nihari is the hot choice that’s definitely added to everyone’s Eid party menu.


Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma_EidWikimedia

Sweets have a special place in Eid celebration, and therefore, perhaps, Eid al-Fitr is known as Meethi Eid.

When selecting your desserts for celebrating Eid, Sheer Khurma is the first choice of many. Sheer Khurma, a rich vermicelli pudding made with milk and sugar and topped with dates and dry nuts like almonds and raisins, is enjoyed equally by adults and kids.

Serving Sheer Khurma during Eid, is trendy in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

It is also popular as Shemai in many places and is viewed as one of the most auspicious Eid dishes.




Another trendy dessert that adds sweetness to the Eid festivity is Phirni. A thickened milk pudding that’s made from ground rice, milk, sliced almond, cardamom and sprinkled saffron and rose petals on top. It’s a cold dessert and never eaten hot.

Now, when you know the traditional delicacies of Eid al-Fitr, how about trying them at home with your loved ones?

Eid Mubarak!

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