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Shah-i-Zinda in Central Asia. A jewel of Islamic Art from the medieval era

Samarkand in Uzbekistan, a city that’s famous for its elegantly designed mosques and mausolea and also possesses historical importance because of its location on the Silk Road (the ancient trade route that linked China to the Mediterranean), preserves a jewel of Islamic Art ‘Shah-i-Zinda’ from the medieval era. Shah-i-Zinda, an avenue of mosques and mausolea, is...Read More

Khajuraho. A Gem of Indian Arts!

The Khajuraho Group of temples is amongst the greatest masterpieces of Indian art. Built between 950 CE and 1050 CE by the Chandela dynasty, this Indian heritage is famous for its nagara-style architecture, and erotic sculptures that are intricately carved on the temple walls. These wonderful artistic expressions portray life in its purest form. The...Read More

Kathakali. An amazing Asian art leaves you mum with its performance!

Kathakali (literally meaning ‘Story-play’) is a legendary dance-drama which originated from the southern Indian state of Kerala during the late 16th Century. Kathakali is so prominent with its elaborately colorful costumes and distinctive makeup of the participating characters; and the way they communicate stories to the audience (without uttering a single word) is excellent and vigorous!...Read More