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Author / Sangeeta Ghosh Paul

Cherry Blossom Festival In Japan. A must see this Springtime!

Cherry Blossom Festival or Hanami (in Japanese) is Japan’s most-awaited springtime festival that attracts millions across the globe. Hanami (literally means ‘viewing flowers’) is the centuries-old practice of watching and praising the transient beauty of Sakura or Cherry Blossoms in Japan.  At the onset of spring, the Japanese await ardently to see the first flushes of pink! And it’s between March...Read More

5 Must See Christmas Celebrations in Asia

Christmas in Asia is a sight to behold. Many of the Asian countries dazzle during the Christmas month. With the onset of December, these cities start glowing with sparkling lights, and eye-catching Christmas decorations pop up. Visiting one of these exotic destinations during Christmas is like living a dream that you’d never want to wake...Read More

10 best winter festivals in Asia

Winter festivals in Asia, the largest continent of the world, are distinct and vibrant. Traveling in Asia during the frigid winter months gives you amazing and indelible experiences that will make you come back every winter to this beautiful and ravishing wonderland, Asia. Culturally diverse, the continent celebrates many unique and amusing winter fetes that’ll...Read More

Asia. The Incredibly Beautiful Land On Earth

Asia with abundant beauty is the world’s largest continent and most populous with diverse ethnic groups and various cultural practices. The continent is full of intrigue, adventure, tranquillity, and spirituality that Asia has fixated travelers for centuries (also witnessed many invaders in the past). Asia witnessed some of the world’s greatest civilizations such as the...Read More