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Author / Sangeeta Ghosh Paul

Mandalay, the Royal Town of Myanmar. A Cultural Trip to Mandalay

Mandalay is a beautiful town in Myanmar with royal possession and ethnicity. Nature has blessed this part of the earth with abundance of beauty and cultural prosperity. Thousands of Pagodas, temples, breathtaking architectures, city’s admirable history, and the flourishing river Irrawaddy silently flowing at the edges of the city, make Mandalay a worth visiting place...Read More

Floating Markets in Thailand show country’s preserved culture and a must visit place in Asia

Floating markets in Thailand unfold an old tradition where multiple rivers and waterways are the primary means of transportation and local businesses between villages. Entering here might give you a feeling of entering a whole new world. Slender canals are filled with beautifully decorated long-tail boats selling an abundance of local goods, traditional Thai foods...Read More

Rainforest World Music Festival, an incredible music fiesta in Tropical Borneo, Malaysia

Every year, Malaysia celebrates a unique and vibrant three-day music festival to cherish the diversity of world music. Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) provides musicians across the world a stage to share and showcase their talent on a global platform. The show brings legendary musicians from all seven continents and native talent from the mystical...Read More